Reflective Entry - Springtime Story Telling Special at Mentone Public Library, 11am - 1pm, Saturday 24th September 2016

Special Story Telling Day at Mentone Public Library, 26th September 2015

​​​​You are invited to join Danae

for a Springtime Story Telling Special

at Mentone Public Library,

11am - 1pm, Saturday 23rd September 2017

"How We Dreamed Then and How We Dream Now"

      I drew upon Insights from The Writer’s Runway to support the notion that a combination of the two approaches could bring about the best learning results and experiences for adults.

      It was then a delight to watch the comical, yet poignant performance by The Blue Chair Poets.

I was delighted by the audience’s response to The Writer’s Runway. They felt that the book’s insights contained life lessons and applied to creating a sense of balance and well-being in general as well as with writing.

Tales and trivia about how we played then and how we play now.​ Tony Brooker, Julia Reichstein, Joe Bosa and I talked about our experiences, which ranged from childhood games played in the 1950's to today's games, relating to the development of technology and its impact on recreation and communication. 

       I spoke about .factor, the games book I designed to encourage people to re-discover playing games on paper, promoting face-to-face fun and connecting people across generations. 

       The audience participated in playing games from the book. It was pure, collective magic.  We had loads of fun and laughed lots. I was delighted by the great interest in and  support for .factor.


  • the books I have self-published
  • about finding time to write
  • ​my identical twin boys and the undergraduate courses they are studying at university (both economics/finance)

​It was also a treat to choose the tracks for the hour! Orinocho Flow by Enya, Keep on Movin' by Five, and It's Alright by East 17.

  • about preparing my YA manuscript  How a Flying Fish Falls ​f​for submission.  I spoke about cutting the novel from 120,000 words to 80,000 words to fit a common word count. I wasn't sure if I could do it, but I succeeded without affecting the storyline whatsoever. This challenging exercise took me to a new level of editing and I was pleased with the result


  • ​the next day's event at Mentone Public Library where I would be exploring the topic "How We Learned Then and How We Learn Now"

​I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm shown for  .factor. The audience thought that it was a great way to connect the younger and older generations.

I wish to thank Mentone Public Library for the opportunity to present the books in a comfortable, intimate environment. Many thanks to Julia Reichstein for her wholehearted support and assistance in preparation for the day.

On 28th  March 2015 I was honoured to open Series 5 of ‘An Author for All Seasons’ at Mentone Public Library. I felt most welcomed by staff and the warm audience. At the end of the session, we enjoyed a glass of wine to further celebrate the commencement of the new series and Mentone Public Library’s 90th year in operation.

I spoke about the two books that I self-published in 2014:
The Writer’s Runway Volume 1, 100 Strategies for the Aspiring Writer’s Head, Heart, & Soul, and .factor, which is a games book for ages 8+ that my grandmother and sons inspired me to create.

I talked about why I wrote the books, what the books are about, and how they help people. I also explained how I came up with the book ideas and a little about the self-publishing process.


Danae Andrea Harwood



Reflective Entry - Radio Interview with Graeme Johnstone on 88.3 Southern FM,

10am Friday 23rd September 2016

Reflective Entry  - Opening "An Author for All Seasons"  Series 5, March 2015


What a buzz! Graeme made me feel very welcome and relaxed. We chatted about a range of topics: 

  • Acrisius, King of Argos, who was Danae's father in Greek mythology. How he was killed by Danae's son, Perseus, in a discus throwing competition, proving true the oracle
  • ​my favourite genre, children's fiction
  • ​my relationship with writing and about being an aspiring writer

Address: Rear of the Community Assistance & Information Bureau, 36 Florence St Mentone 3194 (Australia).

  • Gold coin entry
  • Coffee and tea provided
  • ​Bookings are essential


"How We Learned Then and How We Learn Now..."

On Saturday 24th September 2016, it was a real treat to return to Mentone Public Library and present How We Learned Then and How We Learn Now.
      I enjoyed combining eggs, Dunce Hats, a bullwhip, a hurtling duster (sorry Tony), and my singing (sorry audience) into a presentation about the evolution of classroom discipline from my grandmother’s school years to my sons’.

​​      Researching this aspect of How We Learned Then and How We Learn Now was a real eye opener. It was surprising and somewhat horrifying to discover the methods of corporal punishment that were used in yesteryear’s classrooms.

I also enjoyed talking about the  differences between how we learned as children and how we learn as adults.

Bookings by email:

By phone:(03) 9583 8494

Please ​RSVP by Thursday, 21st September 2017

Reflective Entry - 

"How We Played Then And How We Play Now"

       Highlights of the event also included the delightful guitar accompaniment of Tony Brooker, Library President, as well as the quick wit and entertaining acting skills of the wonderful Julia Reichstein, Library Volunteer.  From our funny skits to playing Musical Chairs,

     Pass the Parcel, Celebrity Head, and .factor, this entire event was a blast and really brought everyone together.

       Many thanks to Tony Brooker and Julia Reichstein for their wholehearted involvement and the opportunity that Mentone Library granted me to present .factor to its patrons. Thanks also to Chinmay for all the photos. The  whole experience was an absolute pleasure.