Danae Andrea Harwood

Australian Writer, Author,

​and Travel Blogger 


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Scroll images by Taliesin Slade Harwood and Danae Andrea Harwood. Text and concept by Danae Andrea Harwood.

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Up for a fun, productive challenge?

In support of your crusade against an unwanted habit, read the scroll whenever you feel the urge. ​ If you can make it to the end without giving in to the habit, chances are that the urge has passed and you've beaten it!

The waterfall of words and images is long and powerful. It's designed to distract and lift you from habit's grip, steering you towards change again.

Print, cut out, and fold the pocket-sized scroll to carry it with you.

Print the A4 sized scroll and place the four pages horizontally on a wall where you'll see them often. (Please be patient. Download may take a few minutes.)